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This site contains Points Of Interest files for direct import into your Navman iCN PiN or PPC running v3 software or above and TomTom satellite navigation systems. Check back frequently for new POI downloads.

When you download the POI you will find two files. You must select either .csv for Navman or .ov2 for Tomtom. Once the required file is downloaded consult your user instructions to import into your device.

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POI's updated - none
New POI's added - Calor Gas Outlets, Little Chef, McDonalds UK, Racing Courses, Steam Trains

Ongoing conversion for Tomtom satellite navigation systems

Last site update : June  2008

United Kingdom
  Travel & Tourism Shops Sport & Leisure Transport Miscellaneous
Caravan Parks
Caravan Storage
Camping Sites
English Heritage Sites
Hilton Hotels
Historic buildings
Marriott Hotels
National Trust sites
National Trust N Ireland
Premier Travel Inn
RSPB Reserves
Steam trains
Calor Gas Outlets
IKEA (14)
PC World
Vodafone stores
Wyvale Garden Centres
Bowling Centres
Football Clubs
Karting Centres (161)
Paintball Centres (117)
Parachute Centres
Parks and Gardens
Racing Courses
Sailing schools
Scout Campsites
Ski Slopes
Super League Grounds
Vue Cinemas
York Pubs
UK Airports (101) Airports
Boat Moorings
BP Garages
ESSO Garages
Croydon Tramlink
Little chef
London Congestion Zone
LPG fuel stations
Motorcycle Parking
Motorway Services
Safety cameras
Shell Garages
Total Garages
Bella Pasta
Cafe Nero
Frankie and Benny's
McDonalds UK
Millers pub restaurants
Pizza Hut UK (247) Pizza Hut (247)
Restaurants in Northern Ireland
TGI Fridays

Continental Europe

  Ireland Belgium France Netherlands  
Camp Sites in Ireland
Safety Cameras (203)
Safety Cameras


  Australia New Zealand      
Caravan Parks (57)
Hungry Jacks (70)
KFC (246)
McDonalds (650)
Pizza Hut UK (247) Pizza Hut (31)
Safety Cameras (71)

UK Safety Cameras Database
Pocket GPS World

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